piano accompaniment "Zum Zum Zum"

My playing cover song "ZUM ZUM ZUM" is used as the  accompaniment.

It is available in AppleMusic, Spotify and iTunes.

Jingle on the site of an open lecture 

A jingle is on air in the beginning on the site of the Open lecture  Tottori university of enviromental studies (Tottori, Japan) 

BGM of All Nippon Airways (ANA) 
Radio Programme
Feb. 2018

He created Created BGM for a radio programme "80's J-POP" of All Nipponn Airways (ANA).

 It is available to  listen to my creation in both of international flights and domestic flights. 

All pieces of music creation are 70's and 80's acoustic style . 

The open lecture to the Tottori University of       

Enviroment Studies ​ (In the beginning)

(Tottori University of Enviroment Studies) 

Jingle on RadioBird

A jingle is on air on radio programme, KAN radio, Tottori university of enviromental studies by Radio Bird (Tottori, Japan) 

BGM of Duty free shops
at Narita Airport  in Tokyo

The songs "Space Travel" from mini album "Elan D'amour" is on air as BGM at Narita airport duty free shop.

 All Nippon Airways (ANA) 
Radio Programme "80's J-POP" 

He created Created BGM for a radio programme "80's J-POP" of All Nipponn Airways (ANA).

 It is available to listen to my creation in both of international flights and domestic flights. 

All pieces of music creation are 80's style due to director's requests. 

Interview from JFM Network

He had a live interview from radio programme "On The Planet" JFM network. My music "Life" and "Unforgettable Moments was on air.  

Radio Programme "One More Pint" 2015 (0:06~1:48)

This is the Radio program "One More Pint" as featured on FM NACK 5 which broadcasts mainly in the area of Saitama (in the Kanto region). 

The background music (0:06~1:48) was created by him

One More Pint!!​ (0:06~1:48)


EISHINKAN  : 'Graduation Ceremony' an advertisement which featured on Japanese TV 

Eishinkan is a private cram school company based in the Kyushu region (located in the south-east of Japan). The main theme of this TV commercial was the topic of graduation ceremonies in secondary schools. 

He took charge of the piano which features in the background music on this traditional Japanese graduation song.

i-Phone App Audio Book

Herby Yamaguchi a photographer ,who used to live in London, is now continuing his activities in Japan. 

This is a movie sample concerning an i-phone app for audio books, where he talks about his life and philosophy, with pictures that he has taken along with the classical background music which he created.  

LION (Detergent Company)   
Japanese TV advertisement

Lion Corporation is a manufacturer of washing detergent, soap, medication, and oral hygiene products and other toiletries in Japan.

This is the TV commercial in 2012 which demonstrates how to clean a mirror effectively with Lion's detergent. 

He created the background music in addition to the jingles at the beginning and the end of the advertisement.

All Nippon Airways (Airline) 

He created the background music for radio programmes in the flight. 

As the radio programme in 2012 features Motown sounds, I created Motown taste sounds according to director's requests. 

NTT information (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation)

He created the background music of a movie for 25th anniversary  TownPage.

TownPage is telephone directory of businesses, organized by category rather than alphabetically by business name. 

He created electric sound according to director's request. 

TOMOMASU (Soda product company )

He created the background music for the soda product company event.

Music is Japanese traditional style.